j2 precision hose & fittings

J2 Precision Is Pleased To Announce Custom Hose Kits!

We have designed a brake line kit for your Rhino that kicks butt. Made of stainless steel and Teflon, it eliminates the spongy feel, improves braking efficiency and is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Colourflex brake lines are produced in a stunning variety of translucent colors and will not discolor over time. Aggressive styling and performance, plus the strength of stainless steel - guaranteed forever.

Per the manufacturer's manual, the brake lines on your Rhino will need to be changed every 4 years. Our GOODRIDGE BRAKE LINES ARE GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. You will not have to replace them unless they sustain physical damage.

J2 Precision is fully committed to superior quality, great pricing, and personal service beyond what you can find elsewhere. J2 Precision's reputation has been built by providing superior performance time after time.


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